Renault Talisman Estate

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The Renault TALISMAN Estate
Renault’s new large estate car

In addition to carrying over the strengths of the saloon version of the TALISMAN that was unveiled in July 2015, and with which it shares the same footprint and dynamic lines, the Renault TALISMAN Estate packs all the practical features and configurable interior expected of a large estate.

The Renault TALISMAN Estate delivers:

  • - A user-friendly carrying capacity of almost 1,700dm3 (VDA)
  • An immersive driving pleasure thanks to MULTI-SENSE technology, and the combination of 4CONTROL four-wheel steering with electronic damper control,
  • A choice of petrol and diesel engines which ensure driving enjoyment and efficiency, with fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of as low as 3.7 litres / 100km and 98g/km respectively
  • Unrivalled comfort thanks to front seats that come with the most comprehensive suite of functions in the TALISMAN Estate’s class (massaging, heated, ventilated).
  • Technologies designed to enhance the lives of motorists: connected R- LINK 2 with 8.7-inch portrait format touch screen display, a colour head-up display, a cowled seven-inch digital instrument display and a comprehensive range of driver aids, including hands-free parking and a foot-activated power tailgate.

Thanks to these innovations, the Renault TALISMAN Estate stands out as an original and new alternative in the family estate car segment.

The benefits of a saloon and the practical features of an estate car
The dimensions of the Renault TALISMAN Estate are similar to those of the saloon version. It stands at 4.86 metres in length (1cm longer than the saloon) and 1.87 metres wide, yet its height does not exceed 1.46 metres. Its long wheelbase (2.81 metres) provides plenty of space for occupants and their baggage. The front and rear tracks of 1.61 metres ensure a solid on-road stance.

Renault styling applied to an estate model

The Renault TALISMAN Estate features:

  • An assertive chrome grille complete with a centrally-positioned Renault logo,
  • A long, creased bonnet which adds muscle to the front end’s styling,
  • LED daytime running lights which form a distinctive C-shaped signature that extends down to the bumper,
  • LED Pure Vision dipped and main beam head lights for a natural feel and superior night-time vision compared with halogen lights,
  • A ratio of two-thirds/one-third between the body panels and glazed surfaces,
  • Sculpted sides incorporating a bespoke chrome moulding on the front wings,
  • A roof line extended by a long lip spoiler and embellished by brushed aluminium roof bars,
  • Chrome beading that highlights the contours of the side windows,
  • Prominent wheel arches which suggest strength and performance,
  • A broad rear end with prominent haunches,
  • Permanently lit rear lights with 3D-effect light guides that form an instantly recognisable signature.

A choice of ten body colours and six wheel designs

The Renault TALISMAN Estate comes in a choice of ten body colours, two of which are new: Vison Brown and Carmin Red. All colours come with a long-life varnish for superior resistance and a high lustre finish. A selection of six wheels is also available (depending on market) with a variety of colours and finishes.

A welcoming estate car

Thanks to its hands-free card, the Renault TALISMAN Estate welcomes the driver and occupants as they approach. The Daytime Running Lights, rear lights and interior roof light come on, the door mirrors are deployed, down lights illuminate the area around the door and the direction indicators flash. When the door is opened, the instrument display springs to life, a visual animation appears on the R-LINK 2’s display and an audible welcome is emitted.

User-friendly carrying capacity of almost 1,700dm3

Access to the boot is facilitated by a sill height of 571mm and a 1,075mm-wide aperture. The power tailgate (opening and shutting) can be opened without the use of hands by waving a foot underneath the rear bumper. Renault’s Easy Break system enables the 60/40-split rear bench seat to be folded effortlessly thanks to two levers situated in the boot.

The new TALISMAN Estate’s boot space up to the baggage cover is 572dm3 VDA for a maximum load length of 1,116mm with the rear bench seat in the upright position, or 2,010mm with the rear seats folded, when total carrying space increases to almost 1,700dm3 VDA.

A particularly spacious interior

Like the saloon version, the Renault TALISMAN Estate figures amongst the very best in its segment in terms of cabin space.

  • Headroom : Front 902mm and Rear 886mm (+30mm compared to the saloon)
  • Front elbow room: 1,512mm,
  • Generous rear knee room: 262mm.
  • An 8-litre glove compartment,
  • 4.6-litre front door bins and 2 litres rear door bins,
  • Stowage in the central armrest (chilled with EDC dual clutch automatic transmission) capable of storing a half-litre bottle of water or a 33cl can,
  • Two cup holders.
'Business class’ seats and driving position
Meanwhile, the driver’s seat automatically slides back 50mm (versions with electric seats) to facilitate ingress. Once the driver is seated, it returns to its original position.
Like in the Talisman saloon, the backs of the front seats incorporate Cover Carving Technology which takes the form of a new semi-rigid, resistant, flexible, lightweight shell. This innovation provides designers with additional freedom, adds to the impression of quality, frees up space (three centimetres of extra knee room at the rear) and weighs 1kg less than a conventional plastic seat back shell.
The TALISMAN Estate’s wide front seats were designed with airline business class seats in mind in order to deliver the most comfortable seating available in the new model’s class with:
  • Generous dimensions and a stylish design,
  • Up to ten adjustable settings (eight electrically, two manually), including the seat cushion length which can be adjusted through 6cm,
  • Four-position electric lumbar adjustment (height and depth),
  • Six-way adjustable aviation-style head rests,
  • Heated cushions and backs,
  • Ventilation function,
  • Adjustable massage function (type and intensity: two programmes, five sequences) and settings memory for up to six individual profiles.

The 60/40-split three-person rear bench seat incorporates variable density foam and a ski hatch. The two outer seats are equipped with rotating head rests which, when retracted, free up the driver’s rearward line of sight.

Creating an easier-to-use, more fulfilling experience

The entry level TALISMAN Estate is equipped with a car radio featuring a 4.2-inch (11cm) display. Depending on market, this digital radio offers flawless reception and CD quality sound. The signal also carries information in text format, such as a description of what is playing, weather and traffic updates, latest news, etc.

R-LINK 2, the TALISMAN Estate’s connected control centre
More pleasing to the eye, more practical and even more user friendly: the Renault’s R-LINK 2 connected tablet is the TALISMAN Estate’s control centre.
Intuitive, customisable and connected

  • From the model’s second equipment level, the TALISMAN Estate comes with a seven-inch capacitive, horizontally-mounted touch screen display (landscape format),
  • The 8.7-inch vertically-mounted display (portrait format) fitted to higher-end versions is the largest in the TALISMAN Estate’s class,
  • R-LINK 2 functions like a personal tablet, with the same tactile functions (two- finger zoom, page scrolling, drag-and-drop, etc.). The graphics are clear and carefully designed for in-car use,
  • The navigation display is realistic (with 3D representation of buildings),
  • Voice recognition (navigation, phone) and the reading aloud of e-mails are both key features,
  • Bluetooth® connectivity allows for hands-free calls and wireless music streaming,
  • A number of connection and charging possibilities are available for all occupants, depending on equipment level: 12V power socket, 3.5mm jack socket, USB ports…

R-LINK 2 also oversees the MULTI-SENSE technology and the vehicle’s driver aids, as well as performing all the standard duties such as the navigation, audio and climate control functions...

The touch screen display’s features are executed by shortcut buttons, a multi- function rotary control on the centre console and additional steering wheel- mounted controls, meaning the system can be operated in complete safety.

The most popular and frequently used functions are always within arm’s reach, courtesy of customisable home pages based on widgets (icons). It is also easy for drivers to find their pre-selected driving settings and in-car ambience with just a single click.

Up to six different profiles can be saved, and it is also possible for drivers to make their profile private – a benefit that is particularly appreciated when sharing the vehicle with other users.

Through its R-LINK Store, Renault offers a comprehensive catalogue of applications specifically designed for in-car use, including: Coyote® alerts, three Michelin applications (Hotels, Restaurants and Travel), social networks and the reading aloud of e-mails.

In the majority of the markets in which it will be sold, the TALISMAN Estate will benefit from:

  • One year’s free access to the R-LINK Store to download applications,
  • One year’s free TomTom Traffic (real-time traffic information),
  • Three months’ free subscription to Coyote.

The TALISMAN Estate benefits from tailor-engineered BOSE® Surround Sound

The TALISMAN Estate takes its occupants on a journey to the very heart of a music concert courtesy of its Bose® Surround sound system.

In order to produce this emotion, Bose and Renault pooled their expertise and collaborated with one another from the very beginning of the vehicle’s development to create a tailor-engineered audio system for the TALISMAN Estate.

How the technical features are perceived, and what the listener hears:

  • Surround Sound: the driver and passengers are enveloped by a rich, perfectly balanced sound, wherever in the vehicle they happen to be sitting.
  • Thirteen high-performance loudspeakers, including two in the bass speaker enclosure, generate an expansive and enveloping quality of sound reminiscent of a ‘live’ performance.
  • Centerpoint® 2 Technology: Bose’s exclusive algorithm converts stereo sources into a multichannel signal to create Surround Sound.
  • Bose® digital signal processor: bespoke equalisation, incorporating the TALISMAN Estate’s own acoustic properties so as to flawlessly transmit every nuance of the music.

Nimble handling and comfort thanks to a unique chassis

On the road, the Renault TALISMAN Estate boasts outstanding dynamics and a configurable driving experience. The car’s unique road holding stems from its combination of a 4CONTROL chassis (with four-wheel steering) and electronic damper control.

Benefits of the MULTI-SENSE system

MULTI-SENSE is an unprecedented tool that both controls and coordinates the various technologies to be found on the TALISMAN Estate, thereby generating a uniquely enjoyable driving experience. With MULTI-SENSE, Renault is the first manufacturer to offer a system that comprehensively and intuitively coordinates so many technologies.

Immersive, customisable enjoyment and driving sensations

Courtesy of MULTI-SENSE technology, the Renault TALISMAN Estate provides occupants with a range of travelling experiences thanks to four pre-programmed settings (Eco, Comfort, Neutral and Sport), plus the fully configurable Perso mode.

Each setting creates and co-ordinates a specific driving mood by adjusting:

  • The configuration of the 4CONTROL system,
  • The electronic damper control settings,
  • The engine response,
  • The EDC transmission’s gearshift calibration,
  • The degree of effort required to turn the steering wheel.
At the same time, the in-car ambience is harmonised by adapting:
  • The colour of the ambient lighting to the required mood: green, blue, sepia, red or violet,
  • The presentation and colour of the information displayed by the instruments,
  • The engine sound
  • The driver’s massaging seat, activated in the Comfort mode,
  • The performance of the climate control system in the Eco mode.
These modes and different settings are controlled:
  • By R-LINK 2 thanks to carefully-designed and clearly-presented menus that offer intuitive access to all the benefits of Renault’s MULTI-SENSE system,
  • By the multi-function rotary switch on the centre console,
  • By the ‘shortcut’ button

The nimbleness of a small city car thanks to 4CONTROL
The 4CONTROL system is permanently active. At speeds of less than 50kph, in Comfort mode (60kph in Neutral mode, 80kph in Sport mode), the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to those at the front, up to a maximum angle of 3.5 degrees. It feels as though the TALISMAN Estate is shortening its wheelbase in order to favour manoeuvrability. Above these speed thresholds, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as those at the front. This effect is comparable to extending the wheelbase, the benefits being enhanced driving pleasure, stability and an impression of safety.

Contact with the road surface analysed 100 times per second by the electronic damper control system

While the 4CONTROL system acts on the vehicle’s lateral dynamics, the electronic dampers control vertical movement and the feel of the ride (firm or soft). The electronic damper control system constantly adapts the shock absorbers’ performance to the state of the road, the vehicle’s dynamics and driver input, and continuously assesses the conditions and adjusts the ride up to 100 times every second.

The ingenuity of the Renault TALISMAN Estate’s electronic damper control management resides in the way it is integrated with the car’s Controller Area Network (CAN). Information on the vehicle’s dynamics is collected by sensors shared with the ESC (speed of rotation of the wheels, steering wheel angle, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, pressure applied to the brakes, engine torque and ride height). This exclusive architecture is patented by Renault.

Fuel efficient with real character

The Renault TALISMAN Estate is the first model to be available with EDC dual clutch automatic transmission mated to the Energy dCi 110 engine. Renault’s large estate car is available with the same broad choice of petrol and diesel engines that can be mated this type of transmission as the model’s saloon version. All these powerplants benefit from the engine-making expertise that Renault has forged in the uncompromising world of motorsport, notably Formula 1.

The TALISMAN Estate’s engines are equipped with latest-generation technologies such as direct petrol injection and steel pistons, both petrol engines and all three diesel engines comply with Euro6 legislation and cover core European market demand.

The ENERGY dCi 110: 110 horsepower and 260Nm of torque available from 1,750rpm

With NEDC cycle fuel consumption under the bonnet of the TALISMAN Estate of just 3.7 litres/100km, equivalent to 98g/km of CO2, this engine boasts best-level efficiency for its class. The top speed of 185kph (around circuits) testifies to this engine’s ‘legs’. It is possible to specify this engine with either six-speed EDC dual cutch automatic transmission or a six-speed manual gearbox.

The ENERGY dCi 130: 130 horsepower and 320Nm of torque available from 1,750rpm

This engine is mated to either a six- speed manual gearbox or six-speed EDC transmission. Combined-cycle fuel consumption is just 4.0 litres/100km (equivalent to 106g/km* of CO2).

The ENERGY dCi 160 EDC Twin Turbo: 160 horsepower and 380Nm of torque available from 1,750rpm

This diesel engine benefits from Renault’s Twin-Turbo technology. This engine is mated to six-speed EDC dual clutch automatic transmission. With this engine and gearbox combination, the Renault TALISMAN Estate boasts market-leading driving pleasure and economy. Acceleration from 80 to 120kph is achieved in only 8.7 seconds, while fuel consumption of just 4.5 litres/100km is equivalent to CO2 emissions of 117g/km*.

The ENERGY TCe 150 EDC: 150 horsepower and 220Nm of torque available from 2,500rpm

This engine, which drives exclusively through seven-speed EDC dual clutch automatic transmission, accelerates from standstill to 100kph in 9.9 seconds and has a top speed of 209kph (around circuits). Its NEDC combined cycle fuel consumption is 5.8 litres/100km, equivalent to 132g/km of CO2*.

The ENERGY TCe 200 EDC: 200 horsepower and 260Nm of torque available from 2,500rpm

This petrol unit imbues the Renault TALISMAN Estate with its sporty genes and responsive mid-range acceleration. Its nimble nature is confirmed by a 0-100kph time of just 7.9 seconds. Fuel consumption stands at only 5.8 litres/100km (CO2 emissions: 132g/km*). This engine is mated to seven-speed EDC dual clutch automatic transmission.

Tangible safety and quality

Renault is committed to making the TALISMAN Estate’s in-car experience safe, reassuring and user-friendly. To achieve this, Renault has equipped its new large family saloon with a number of warning and protective systems to provide a high level of active safety.

At the same time, Renault has continued its rigorous work on the passive safety front. Going beyond Euro NCAP’s increasingly more exacting standards, Renault has always set its own, even more stringent criteria in the most crucial areas.

Last but not least, Renault is firmly focused on high quality, and the TALISMAN Estate has been meticulously designed, tested and made to last.

Active safety: a comprehensive range of driver aids

To reassure: Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Emergency Braking System, cornering lights.
To alert: Lane Departure Warning, Safe Distance Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition with excess speed warning, Blind Spot Warning.
To assist: Easy Park Assist, front, rear and side parking sensors, reversing camera, Automatic High/Low beam, head-up information display, electronic handbrake, Hill Start Assist, hands-free card, power tailgate.

Passive safety: even more suited to real-world situations

When it comes to passive safety, the Renault TALISMAN Estate naturally benefits from the fundamental properties of its CMF C/D architecture. Renault’s new large estate is targeting a five-star Euro NCAP rating, despite the more severe criteria introduced in 2015. At the same time, Renault takes its passive safety measure a step further by addressing real-world situations as accurately as possible. This takes the form of higher structural resistance and increased protection against the phenomenon of anti-submarining whereby it is possible for a passenger to slide beneath their seat belt. These criteria are even more critical in Euro NCAP’s 2015 protocol and have been a major concern at Renault for more than 15 years.

Safety equipment for all:

Six airbags

  • Two large-volume, dual-generator frontal airbags which adapt their deployment as a function of the type of impact and position of the occupant,
  • Two new-generation, higher-efficiency lateral thorax/shoulder airbags for front occupants,
  • Two front/rear head-protection curtain airbags.
  • Seat belts
  • Front: pretensioners with adaptive load limiters which adjust the load as a function of the impact’s severity and the position of the occupant,
  • Rear: pretensioners with load limiters.
  • Seats
  • Anti-whiplash front and rear head rests
  • Anti-submarining system,
  • Two rear seats with Isofix child seat anchorage (i-Size compatible),
  • Four seats compatible with the retention of universal type-approved child seats.


Renault’s commitment to quality is an ongoing undertaking at every level and a priority for Renault’s high-end models like the new ESPACE and the TALISMAN. As part of its sustainable quality drive, Renault has deployed fresh resources, mobilised cross-functional competencies and developed a raft of specific tests.

During the design process:

The drive for quality has led to a more draconian design brief for new Renault models.
Careful attention is paid to reducing vibrations and improving fit and finish. Deep paint finishes are coated in a long-life varnish and the accent on strong, status-enhancing materials is clearly visible (chrome, console finish, boot mat and slush dashboard finish). When in immediate reach or sight, these materials are particularly pleasing to the eye and touch.

During manufacturing:

€420 million were invested in the Douai plant in France (new hot stamping machines, new paint shop light tunnel, new War Room quality optimisation procedure, 100,000 hours of training cumulating in the awarding of a ‘high-end factory’ certificate). Within the framework of a balanced cooperation agreement, Daimler has brought a complementary approach to quality that covers all stages up to the manufacturing process (e.g. optimisation of the painting process).

During testing:

In addition to the test programme of the TALISMAN saloon, the TALISMAN Estate was subjected to 250,000km of supplementary road testing, the equivalent of 750,000km of real-world motoring in terms of wear.

These tests were designed to reproduce the vehicle’s ageing after several years of intensive use, in addition to road tests in extreme road and weather conditions on ordinary roads and around Renault-Nissan Alliance proving grounds.

Estate cars: a healthy market

Customer and market overview

The D segment is currently enjoying buoyant growth in Europe, with a 16 percent increase in sales in 2015. It’s also in Europe that estate cars are the most popular, accounting for more than one third of the segment’s sales (equivalent to almost 630,000 vehicles). In Europe, estate cars outsell saloons and are especially popular in markets like Germany (240,000 estates sold in 2015, a third of all European sales), Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

There is a base of customers who are loyal to the conventional saloon car and estate who, in their decision to purchase, place prime importance on styling, status, technology, brand, price and running costs. The Renault TALISMAN Estate will benefit from its inherent strengths to appeal to these exacting customers, 60% of whom are fleet operators in Europe.

The Renault TALISMAN Estate will notably attract independent professionals, company owners, sales executives and senior management looking for a status-enhancing, spacious and comfortable vehicle for their family, along with superior driving enjoyment. High-mileage drivers will also be drawn by the quality of the TALISMAN Estate’s chassis, the fuel efficiency of its engines and its moderate running costs (Total Cost of Ownership).

A choice of five equipment levels

The Renault TALISMAN Estate will be available in a choice of three interior trims and five equipment levels :
LIFE: black dashboard, leather-trimmed steering wheel and black fabric seats inspired by men’s tailoring.
ZEN: the same ambience as the Life equipment level but with additional features, such as a multimedia system with seven-inch display.
BUSINESS: the same ambience as the Zen equipment level but with additional safety equipment, such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Emergency Braking System and a head-up data display.
INTENS: combined upholstery, or optional Dark Brown or Black Riviera leather upholstery with matching dashboard. Chocolate Brown top-stitching.
INITIALE PARIS: a Black or Sand Grey dashboard with Dark Charcoal or Silver top stitching, Nappa full-grain Black or Graded Grey leather upholstery, Nappa leather-trimmed steering wheel.

A range of accessories to cover a variety of needs

The range of available Renault accessories allows owners to personalise their TALISMAN Estate (styling, comfort, protection, transport and multimedia).

  •  A choice of 17- to 19-inch alloy wheels in different colours,
  • Reversible fabric/rubber boot mat and protective boot bin,
  • A choice of door and boot sill guards to personalise and protect ingress/egress and loading zones,
  • Easyflex modular boot protection
  • Boot organiser
  • Retractable tow bar: retracts out of sight in seconds without tools; communicates with the ESP’s Trailer Stability Assist system,
  • QuickFix aluminium roof bars equipped with a protective lock.


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